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From: Eli Turkel <eliturkel at xgmail.com>

In terms of the  historical data that I gave Rbn Katz is correct that
what I gave was for AI  and not IVF....

....As far as halacha goes all the issues I mentioned in  my previous post
hold for IVF also.

.... Others object to IVF on moral grounds
(eg R.  Zilberstein) that it causes chaos and destroys the kedusha of
the Jewish  people.

....When the carrier of the fetus is not the genetic mother there  is a
big argument about who is the halachic mother and will leave it  for
another post

Eli Turkel

If the husband and wife are using their own sperm and eggs I don't  
understand how that "causes chaos and destroys the kedusha of the Jewish  people."  
He may be making an assumption that donor sperm or donor eggs or  a 
surrogate mother are the norm in IVF but in fact they are very much the  exception. 
 IVF actually enables men with poor quality sperm to father  their own 
children and almost always obviates the need for donor sperm.   IVF also allows 
women with blocked Fallopian tubes to simply make a little  detour -- since 
the road from ovaries to womb is blocked, they take a route that  goes from 
ovaries to Petri dish to womb.  When IVF allows a couple to  have children 
using their own sperm and eggs and the wife's own womb, I do not  see where 
there is any "chaos." 
--Toby Katz


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