[Avodah] In revolutionary ruling, rabbis allow gender selection

Prof. Levine llevine at stevens.edu
Wed Jan 2 11:00:09 PST 2013

At 01:53 PM 1/2/2013, Rn T. Katz wrote:

>I really have a hard time believing that anyone has a "deep psychological
>need" to have a son rather than a daughter, or vice versa.

It seems to me that not being satisfied with what HaShem has given 
you,  whether a boy or a girl,  flies in the face of accepting the 
will of HaShem and being thankful for his "gift."

Whenever I hear that a new baby was born,  I ask two things - "Is the 
baby healthy?"   "Is the mother fine?"  To me this is all that should count.

This lesson was really brought home to me when my youngest grandson 
was born in March 2011.  Shortly after he was born it was discovered 
that his esophagus was not connected to his stomach.  If you 
like,  you can read about this at

Drama: Why We Call Aaron a 
Inyan: Hamodia Weekly Magazine, June 15, 2011, pages 28 - 29.

Yitzchok Levine

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