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According to the Kabbalists, the 49-day Omer Count is a 49-step process 
of self-refinement, with each day devoted to the "rectification" and perfection 
of one the forty-nine "sefirot." 
Here's what is very interesting. We begin that count with the total spirituality
of ridding ourselves, our houses and our minds of chametz, which is a metaphor
for corruption, impurity, arrogance, etc. We then start counting upward with the
goal of spiritually ascending the ladder. It would seem that the purity process of
no chametz would be a the conclusion of the counting -- not the start. So here is
one answer to that. 
We must learn to live in spiritual purity, always ascending the ladder of morality,
self-refinement and improvement, even surrounded by chametz. Hence, we must
always keep in mind and reflect on a life devoid of chametz even while living with
this cognitive dissonance.


"Behold I do not give lectures or a little charity. When I give, I give myself."  Walt Whitman

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