[Avodah] Which Day Is YK? Who Must Accept BD Pesak?

Meir Rabi meirabi at gmail.com
Sat Mar 30 08:02:28 PDT 2013

R Arie deems my example as a proof that dismantles my argument, namely,
that even if BD erred or even intentionally declared rosh chodesh on the
wrong day, their date is binding.

But I must disagree. On the contrary, IN SPITE OF THE FACT that they were
entitled to Pasken as they please re Rosh Chodesh, and consequently which
day is YKippur, nevertheless, he did not insist that they eat and make a
LeChaim to compel compliance; how much more so in a case where this special
power is not given to BD i.e. to Pasken and make a determination even when
they know it is wrong.


Meir G. Rabi
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