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"There is no visitor. That is a Bubba Maysa ?- perhaps designed for
The source for the Kos Shel Eliyahu is the Machlokes about whether thare
are 4 or 5 Leshonos of Geula... the 5th Lashon being the word V'Heveiso.
That would call for a fifth cup of wine. (IIRC The Rambam actually drank a
5th Kos but that is not our current Minhag). We still pour a fifth Kos to
symbolize that 5th cup. It is called the Kos Shel Eliyahu because the
Machlokes will be settled by Eliyahu upon his arrival pre-Moshiach.

There's a machloket to what is the source of 4 cups(which was of course a
Greek/Roman custom anyway and the drasha came later)
Some say the 4 expressions of redemption, particularist, others the 4 times
the cups are mentioned in the Joseph story, in jail, therefore the 4 cups
of freedom, were universalist.
R.Tarfon says you drink a 5th during Hallel. Rashi says it's a mistake, and
not permitted to drink a 5th, Rambam says it's optional, Raavad says it's
mandatory. So we have a 5th on the table as a compromise.
All the 4's have a 5th, including the 4 shabbatot, the 5th being Shabbat
hagodol, and that's when the final redemption comes
Hope that helps.
Martin Brody
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