[Avodah] Perspective on Homosexuals - HaRav Aharon Lichtenstein

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Wed Jan 2 15:19:34 PST 2013

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This post is based on the second part of a session held with Rav 
Lichtenstein on Friday, 17 Marcheshvan, 5773, November 2, 2012.  In 
response to some of the feedback following the last session, I 
decided to integrate [bracketed] translations into the text rather 
than marking them as notes.  Once again, I tried to maintain the 
original formulations whenever possible [any bracketed comments are 
my insertions].  While I consulted and confirmed with Rav 
Lichtenstein on a few of the details, he did not review the text.

-Dov Karoll

See the above URL Rav Lichtenstein's actual comments.

Yitzchok Levine 
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