[Avodah] Chassidim on Horseback?

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I am moving this to Avodah.

At 10:49 AM 1/3/2013, Micha Berger wrote on Areivim:
>On Thu, Jan 03, 2013 at 10:45:48AM -0500, Prof. Levine wrote:
> > First of all,  given that I have never heard of Jewish nobility in old
> > Europe (certainly not within the past 500 years),  is this not the
> > adoption of a gentile practice? ....
>No more than ties are. Derekh emori is only if the practice is religiously
>motivated or (non-Jewish?) superstition.

You seem to be equating something that is non-Jewish with Darchei 
Emori.  From http://tinyurl.com/avmsbjq

The Tosefta in Shabbos (Chapters 7 & 8) lists various practices which 
are prohibited due to the fact that they are darchei haemori. For 
example, putting thorns in a window to protect a pregnant woman or 
tying an iron to one's bed. These things all have one basic common 
feature. They are irrational - meaning they are not scientifically or 
observably proven remedies.

It seems to me that there are non-Jewish practices that do not fall 
within the category of darchei haemori.  This is presumably related 
to the distinction that RSRH makes between un-Jewish and non-Jewish 
practices.   See 
Difference Between 'Non-Jewish' and 'Un-Jewish'" The Jewish Press, 
July 25, 2007, page 1

My point was that riding on horseback to this wedding by these 
prominent guests is something that is adopted from gentile 
culture.  I did not intend to imply that it is assur.

What I find ironic is that those doing this,  whom I am sure would 
speak strongly against the adoption of any non-Jewish practice,  are 
indeed involved in a non-Jewish practice!

Yitzchok Levine 
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