[Avodah] Tell the Truth for Peace

Meir Rabi meirabi at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 12:28:43 PST 2013

Seems like the discussion has lost focus.

It is obvious that Gd would not communicate information that serves no
purpose but to cause grief.
Being a Navi or having RHaKodesh does not grant access to all the files.
Although it is curious that they approached the Navi when they were seeking
their lost donkeys. I think RaMBaM mentions this in his intro to Mishnah.

The main issue is -
Why did the brothers lie?
Why does the Gemara suggest their lies were permitted or a Mitzvah because
they were pursuing peace?
They were pursuing their comfort, not peace.
Had they been interested in peace they would have made attempts to mollify
Had they thought their lives were in danger they would certainly be
permitted to lie, so that's not the issue, it is no Chiddush.

And the peripheral question is WHY did they not attempt to seek forgiveness
from Yosef?
Were they too embarrassed or did they think they were right?
If they thought they were right THEN we would have a proof if they DID seek
Yosef's forgiveness - because one is permitted to tell a lie in order to
make peace, and that would certainly have made peace.


Meir G. Rabi
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