[Mesorah] Heh Hayedia

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this is an important point.  a number of scholars have suggested that when
the mem or yodh lack a daghesh in this situation, their shewa is nonetheless
always na`, even though we might think otherwise.

Yeivin (382), however, notes "Where the he has ga`ya, if it is musical
ga`ya, the following shewa is silent, but if it is phonetic ga`ya, the
following shewa is vocal.  The Diqduqe ha-Te`amim (Dotan, 1967, section 14)
states that, as a rule, ga`ya in this situation is phonetic, so the shewa is
vocal.  Various examples are given, ... This is followed by a list of words
in which the shewa is silent."
In other words, the shewa is usually but not always na` even if there is no


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Yes (well, actually, I think he said that the sh'va following a HH was
always na', which is not necessarily the same thing); 

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