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Shavua Tov - Gut Voch

In next week's parsha, much discussion takes place over the great detail in
describing the relationship between the anan and the timing of the movement
of B'nai Yisrael.  In fact, the word Yomayim is understood to suggest that
an encampment might last a year or longer.
Later, when Moshe Rabeinu is trying to convince Yisro to stay with B'nai
Yisroel, Rashi on 10:29 quoting the Sifre suggests that the time in transit
to Eretz Yisrael would be only 3 days.  And this is before the misoninim
and certainly before the meraglim.

Aside from the ain mukdam u'muachar approach, can any suggest the need for
this degree of detail concerning the anan and movement and timings should
one accept Rashi's 3 day approach?

Kol tuv,

Henry Topas
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