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There is a gemara that discusses the meaning of names of a person as
reflecting something about that person

Now in science

It might sound far-fetched, but psychological researchers claim to have
found evidence that your name can determine the direction of your life. In
a study published in the *Journal of Personality and Social Psychology*,
researchers from the University of Utah took an analytical look at the
theory of nominative determinism, a longstanding concept positing that your
name has an uncanny influence over your career and life. … Using data from
about more than 3,400 people, the researchers found that when limiting
searches to single-word queries — such as city names like ‘Chicago’ or
profession names like ‘doctor’ — the tendency for people whose first letter
of their first names matches the first letter of their chosen city and/or
profession seemed to occur too common for it to be purely coincidental.”

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