[Avodah] The role of Tehillim

Zvi Lampel zvilampel at mail.gmail.com
Wed Mar 20 13:22:51 PDT 2024

[I am taking this discussion over from Areivim, where the discussion
started out being about suggested tefillos on Taanis Esther during this
war, particularly focused on saying specific Tehillim. -micha]

On Tue Mar 19 2024, at 12:02pm PDT, R Allan Engel wrote to Areivim:
> Somewhere down the line tehillim, that were once used as a precursor to
> actual tefilla, have become mistaken for tefilla itself. The iqqar should
> be actual tefillos and bakashos, they should not be mumbled as an addendum.


Interesting. What's the mekor for this?

But anyway, the Tehillim themselves contain bakashos, some of which are
particularly relevant to our situations, and which are selected for saying
now (with kavanah, of course).

Zvi Lampel

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