[Avodah] How were they told Moshe's nevu'ah is unique?

Micha Berger micha at aishdas.org
Wed Jun 15 09:29:31 PDT 2022

Something about the end of this week's parashah bothered me when I
was maavir sedra.

HQBH tells Aharon and Miriam that Moshe's nevu'ah is unique, and
other nevi'im "bemar'eh eilav esvada, bachalom adabeir lo." (Bamidbar
12:6) Not so Moshe, who is peh pel peh, not dreams or riddles, etc...

But look how they get this nevu'ah itself! "Vayomer H' pit'om el Moshe
ve'el Aharon ve'el Miryam..." (v. 4) Aharon and Miriam were contacted
suddenly, no prep, no working themselves up to a state of getting a
vision. (Moshe too, but that's no surprise.) 

Then (v. 5) Hashem calls the two of them out of the Ohel Mo'eid,
and continues the conversation with them without Moshe. Is this in a
vision? If so, why did v. 4 give all three the same verb, with "ve'el"
connecting the three objects of that "vayomer"?

For that matter, every Vayedaber Hashem el Moshe ve'el Aharon... How was
Aharon included? Moshe spoke to Hashem panim el panim and Aharon got the
same idea via a vision? Did Hashem speak to Aharon via Moshe, and it's just
a variantof "daber el Aharon"? In which case, when does the pasuq use which?

Anyway, back in this week's parashah....

1- That "pit'om" is a problem for me given the Rambam's position on how
nevi'im got nevu'ah either way, since it says they didn't prepare for it.

2- It sounds like Hashem spoke to Aharon and Miriam 'Peh' el peh telling
team that only Moshe's nevu'ah is 'Peh' el peh. As I said, one verb is used
for all three. How would you read a mar'eh into this narrative?

Tir'u baTov!

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