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On Sat, Oct 16, 2021 at 08:37:57PM -0400, Akiva Miller via Avodah wrote:
> For example, if most people want Shabbos shacharis to be on the late side,
> how do you balance that with Zman Krias Shma - and which shita? Or, perhaps
> you're okay with reminding them to say Shma before davening, in which case

Really, should they be accomodating this "want"? Or is it only okay to
make accomodations for things that would actually cause people to miss
minyan, so that they have to find the minimum of evils?

Which is closer to the RJR's question, which asks about "number of
>> How should community leadership (Rabbi/Tovei hair [officers])
>> think about the trade-off between number of attendees and
>> appropriateness of timing when setting time for slichot
>> (including PM)?

But RJR's question is far less problematic than compromising timing for
attendance because when discussing selichos there is nothing comparable
to tefillah betzibbur bizmanah, or Shema with berakhos bizmanah. Selichos
is a minhag, better or worse timing, doubly so.

There is one piyut to contend with on one night of (Ashkenazi) selichos,
and the question is well addressed.

So I think the rabbi and shul board have MUCH more leeway when it comes
to selichos at a suboptimal time in order to get men to attend than
accomodating what men want / won't kvetch about vs. zemanei tefillah.

(I said "men" because we are discussing tefillah bizmanah, and adding
women to the question takes the edge of my contrast.)

Tir'u baTov!

(That last line was a conscious reference to "Time is an illusion,
lunchtime doubly so", said by the character Ford Prefect, written by
Douglas Adams.)

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