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Akiva Miller akivagmiller at gmail.com
Sat Oct 16 17:37:57 PDT 2021

R' Joel Rich asked:

> How should community leadership (Rabbi/Tovei hair [officers])
> think about the trade-off between number of attendees and
> appropriateness of timing when setting time for slichot
> (including PM)?

I imagine that they should think about that trade-off similar to how they
think about the trade-off when setting times for the other tefillos. Some
times are more convenient than others. These will be easier for more people
to attend, but sometimes it's not most optimal halachically.

For example, if most people want Shabbos shacharis to be on the late side,
how do you balance that with Zman Krias Shma - and which shita? Or, perhaps
you're okay with reminding them to say Shma before davening, in which case
you need to balance the schedule with Sof Zman Tefila. Weekday shacharis
presents the opposite problem, especially in the winter: Many tend to want
an early minyan so they can go to work afterwards, but that often results
in saying Shmoneh Esreh before Hanetz. Similar questions arise for
Selichos. Ideally, it should be early in the morning, but too early may
lose some people, and not early enough will lose others. And so on.

Whoever it is that's asking specifically about selichos would do well to
review how he balanced the pros and cons elsewhere, and that ought to
provide guidance for this case.

Akiva Miller
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