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Mon Oct 11 17:59:06 PDT 2021

R' Micha Berger asked:
> In Bereishis 9:22, Cham runs out to Sheim and Yafes to tell
> them of their father's nakedness. the pasuq says he told them
> "bachutz", which Unqekus translates "beshuqa".
> He found them in a marketplace? Who does Unqelus believe were
> conducting business there?

The ArtScroll Onkelos on that pasuk refers us to Ramban on pasuk 9:11. The
last lines of that Ramban cite this Onkelos, and he writes that Cham told
it to his brothers "bifnay rabim l'hal'ig alav - in public to make fun of

So perhaps RMB's question might be better phrased, "Who do Unqelus and
Ramban believe were conducting business there?"

Akiva Miller
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