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On Mon, Oct 11, 2021 at 08:59:06PM -0400, Akiva Miller wrote:
> The ArtScroll Onkelos on that pasuk refers us to Ramban on pasuk 9:11. The
> last lines of that Ramban cite this Onkelos, and he writes that Cham told
> it to his brothers "bifnay rabim l'hal'ig alav - in public to make fun of
> him."

Etymology sites say that the original meaning of "shuq" was street,
and it later evolved into "street market" in Arabic and Somali. As Zev
cited from wiktionary.

So, I have to go with Zev's answer (he cited this idea from wiktionary,
which was enough to push me to google for more sources). In Aramaic a
"shuq" is a broad street, like "rechov". (In pre-modern Hebrew; in what
RSM calls Abazit [Ivrit Bat Zemaneinu], there are some pretty narrow
rechovot -- despite the shoresh.)

Still everyone out in the street for Cham to make a scene in front of
would be their children, neices and nephews, or, if it took long enough
since the flood, grand- or great grand-children. All people who should
be standing up for the respect of their zeide or alter zeide.

It is like we are describing it as happening centuries after the flood,
when there were enough people around for crowds, and people didn't all
feel related any more.

But this drifted from my original question.

Tir'u baTov!

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