[Avodah] Tefilas Haderech from Lakewood to Monsey

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Wed Jul 28 16:05:06 PDT 2021

On 25/7/21 10:50 am, Akiva Miller wrote:
> he explains that Tefilas Haderech is said for a trip in which one both 
> leaves the general city area, *and* travels a parsa (which he gives as 
> 2.8 miles) past an open area where there are no houses. (A note explains 
> that warehouses, offices, and business, do *not* count as "houses" for 
> this purpose.)

I think you have misunderstood this criterion.  As I understand it, the 
open area needn't be a parsa wide.  Based on the rules for techum 
shabbos, the city ends when there's an open area of 70 amos.  Once past 
that area, you're outside the city, and your journey would have to take 
a parsa from that point.  But that parsa can include parts of the next 
city over.

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On 27/7/21 6:53 pm, Joseph Kaplan wrote:
> Or perhaps, when tefillat haderech was written, no one could contemplate or imagine a built up urban area like the one existing between Lakewood and Monsey.

They could certainly *imagine* it, because they *did*.  They permitted 
talking on Shabbos about plans to "go" (as opposed to "travel") to a 
place outside the techum, because in principle such a journey could be 
accomplished without breaking Shabbos, supposing there was a string of 
"burgenin" all along the way.

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