[Avodah] Is it a proper warning, or is it lashon hara?

Joseph Kaplan jkaplan at tenzerlunin.com
Thu Sep 9 09:39:36 PDT 2021

RAM posted the following and asked our opinion about his post as set forth in the subject: 

“Someone wrote the following: (I will not say who wrote it, nor how they
know me. It's even possible that I'm the one who wrote it.)

> A rabbi who I know, and who is involved on the highest level
> with the kashrus for a very large organization, wrote to me
> the following. He said that he had been in meat plants in [a
> certain area] and elsewhere, while shechita was done under
> supervision of [a certain hechsher]. He said, "That hechsher
> does not really care if the meat is kosher or not."

I would need more information to venture an opinion. Was this information solicited and if so what was asked? Or was it unsolicited? How well does the recipient know the sender? What was the context in which it was sent? And were any follow-up questions asked and — very important — answered? That’s fir starters. 


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