[Avodah] bechira?

Akiva Miller akivagmiller at gmail.com
Sat Sep 4 20:30:31 PDT 2021

R' Joel Rich asked:

> So would you say that R'ED holds that one is not held responsible
> for cases where it's beyond the nequdas habechirah?

I would think that, l'shitaso, one is not responsible for failures that are
beyond one's nequdas habechira (nor does one get credit for successes that
are within his nequdas habechira). But one IS held responsible if he
doesn't make a sincere attempt to move his nequdas habechira upwards. (This
might be the same idea as what R' Micha already posted.)

"The choices that you make today
are all that's gonna last.
The train is moving down the tracks
and it's moving awful fast."
("Ride the Train", Journeys)

We are not responsible for any of what we do or don't do. Our choices are
all that matters.

Akiva Miller
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