[Avodah] OU Mini Seedless Cucumbers

Isaac Balbin isaac at balb.in
Sun Aug 29 00:59:36 PDT 2021

On 28 Aug 2021, at 6:44 am, R' Akiva Miller wrote:
> The basis is bitul. Look in just about any guide to kashrus on Pesach. They
> all say that if you can't get milk that has a hechsher for Pesach, then any
> store-bought milk is fine as long as it is purchased before Pesach begins.
> It seems to me that if that is the halacha for Pesach, it is certainly okay
> the rest of the year.

Agencies, and this certainly includes the OU and dare I say most of the
major ones do not allow for Bitul Lechatchila of an Issur. (Even if it's
not a Ma'mid or Avidi LeTaamo etc) The history of Coke was a case in point
where they had Coca cola change the formula rather than rely on Mevatlin
Issur LeChatchila... Some levels of Rabbanut Kashrus do allow Bitul FWIW.

(That's not to say those whose Poskim utilise Bitul are consuming Treyf
Chas veshalom)

The example before Pesach is not of an Issur per se at that time. Of
course you will be aware that because of Chumra of Pesach, where
alternatives exist many also don't use that hetter either.

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