[Avodah] Deuteronomy 22:17

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Wed Aug 25 05:00:09 PDT 2021

Someone referred to Rashi, and R' Jay F. ("Yaakov") Shachter responded:

> Yet another case of a contributor to this mailing list making
> an unqualified statement that should be qualified.  Please stop
> doing that.

I see here something shared by Rashi and ArtScroll: Sometimes, an author is
so very popular that they *tend* to drown out all the other voices. Some
could argue that the extent of our emphasis on Rashi is to our detriment. I
will not take sides on that question; I'm only suggesting that it seems to
be a natural result of popularity.

But while we're on the subject of this pasuk, R' JFYS continued:

> Read Ramban on Deuteronomy 22:17.  He disagrees with Rashi, he
> says that the verse means, literally, a bloody sheet, and he
> gives better and more authoritative sources than Rashi.

Over Shabbos, I was wondering what Rashi (who says that there is no actual
physical sheet here) could mean on a practical level. How does one bring
witnesses to a person's virginity? Was she under constant surveillance by
kosher witnesses, who will testify that she never snuck away to be with

Akiva Miller
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