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At 10:43 AM 8/23/2021, Micha Berger wrote:
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> > From today's OU Kosher Halacha Yomis
> >
> > Q. What is preferable? To wake up early and recite Selichos before dawn
> > (a.k.a. alos hashachar, which is 72 minutes before sunrise), or to stay
> > up late and recite Selichos after chatzos (midnight)? What about saying
> > selichos after alos or after neitz hachama (sunrise)?
>Fine, I'll have to learn that "neitz hachamah" is accepted Yiddish /
>Judeo-English. In Hebrew, the "ha-" of "haneitz" has a qamatz, it's
>hif'il (= the causing of shining). After all, the AhS drops the hei.

As I have said more than once, "Only maskilim speak and pronounce 
Hebrew properly!" >:-}

>In short, the question of when alos is should be as unresolved as knowing
>when tzeis would be.

See <https://hakirah.org/Vol26Gewirtz.pdf>A Categorization of Errors 
Encountered in the Study of Zemanim

for more problems with determining Zemanim.

>I would have added that one of the Ashkenazi selichos for that night
>actually opens BeMotza'ei Menuchah qadamnukha techilah. It seems tht the
>fact of it being Motza"Sh is part of why we launch the whole series of
>selichos just then. Beyond just the right time to say that particular

My late father-in-law told me that in the Uranian town that he came 
from before WW II,  the first selichos was said early Sunday 
morning,  not on Saturday night.

Most yeshivas do not say the first selichos at about 1 AM.  There is 
a minyan in the YI of  Midwood that says the first selichos on Sunday 
morning at 6:30 AM.

At these minyanim the phrase "BeMotza'ei Menuchah qadamnukha 
techilah"  is modified.

>Meanwhile when it comes to selichos, Sepharadim say them the whole month,
>and it's Ashkenazim who only start at shavua shechal bo.

My understanding is that the Sefardim  say the exact same selichos 
everyday.  This is what I was told.


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