[Avodah] Who is Right?

cantorwolberg cantorwolberg at cox.net
Fri Aug 13 06:40:05 PDT 2021

He answered that the Torah learning post Mashiach will be on a different
level, and the Torah bp of the past will not be applicable.

I didn't get further details; and I'm unsure how this fits with the rambam's
description of yemos hamashiach. 

All of these dichotomies, contradictions, controversies, etc., remind me of the parable of the blind men and an elephant. 
We all struggle to make sense of our history. Nature abhors a vacuum. I remember my childhood Rav, Abraham N. AvRutick zt’l, used to say if there is more than one theory, then nobody knows. There is a saying in physics: Horror vaculi, a postulate attributed to Aristotle: Nature abhors a vacuum. Unless and until we know the whole picture, we can keep guessing at the ultimate truth.
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