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4 | HAlAchicAllY SpeAKiNg).גע הדנ( ...אבה םלוע ןב אוהש ול חטבומ םוי לכב תוכלה הנושה לכ SPONSORED BY: Hashem’s name. Others say that saying is a zechuskaddish for the deceased because people answer amen.4 Many People Saying Kaddish Together In previous years, was recited by one kaddish yasom yasom.5 Now it has become the widespread custom to recite
In previous years, kaddish yasom was recited by one yasom.5 Now it has become the widespread custom to recite kaddish at one time.6 Some poskim accept this custom,7while many poskim frown upon it.8 One main reason for the latter opinion is because often one cannot hear the one reciting kaddish and therefore cannot answer amen.9 In addition, there is a concept of “two voices cannot be heard,”10which may apply to kaddish as well.11Nonetheless, if all those saying kaddish recite it at one spot, it is considered as if one is saying it out loud12 along with the others and kaddish can be answered properly.13

5 Refer to Zecher Simchah 8:pages 5-6.6 Refer to Kol Bo on Aveilus, pages 371-372, Te shuv os Iv ri , pages 5-6, Bnei Bonim2:7. See ShevetHakehasi 3:48. 7 Chasam Sofer, O.C. 159, Y.D. 2:345, Yufei Leleiv 5:56:4, Chai Adam 30:7, Aruch Hashulchan, Y.D. 376:16; seePischei Teshuvah, Y.D. 376:6, Kaf Hachaim Palagi13:11,Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 26:18, Betzel Hachochmah 5:135; Halichos Shlomo Tefillah page 230:25.8 Binyan Tzion 122, Gesher Hachaim 30:10:12:pages 284-285; see Te shuv os V’hanhagos 1:103, 24:2, opinion of the Chazon Ish, zt”l, quoted in Te shuv os V’hanhagos 2:42, Yechaveh Daas 6:60 (end). 9 Refer to Binyan Tzion, ibid., Mishnah Berurah 55:4,Tzitz Eliezer 9:15:2, 9:16, Teshuvos V ’ hanhagos 5:24, Tzitz Eliezer,RivevosEphraim 3:80,4:177,8:170:3. 10 Refer to Maseches Rosh Hashanah 26b, 27a, Megillah 21b, Tosefta Megillah 3, Rambam, HilchosTefillah 12:13, Shulchan Aruch, O.C. 284:5, Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 135:6; see Shulchan Aruch, O.C. 690:2, Mishnah Berurah 4, Shaar Hatzion 4.11 Refer to Hegyonei Haparshah 2:pages 213-224 in depth. 12 Betzel Hachochmah 5:135. 13 Teshuvos V ’ hanhagos 1:103, 2:42, 5:24. See Kaf Hachaim Palagi 13:11, Gesher Hachaim 30:10:12:page 285. Refer to Mishneh Sechir 11, who frowns upon all yesomim saying kaddish in one spot.

I have davened in shuls where all those saying kaddish came to the shulchan and recited each kaddish together.

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