[Avodah] The undesirability of lasting halachic machlokess

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Wed Oct 21 09:13:08 PDT 2020

Reviewing Dynamics of Dispute, I found a mistake I made on page 184.

My application of the statement about "as difficult as the day the Golden
Calf was made," which I cited in the name of the Halachois Gedolos, is
incorrectly applied to the breaking out of the phenomenon of machlokess
between Beis Hillel and Beis Shammai. Actually, it's a reference to the
situation the nation found itself in when Hillel was forced to admit defeat
to Shammai in a machlokess over whether to institute a certain gezeyra.
Furthermore, although the Halachos Gedolos does list 7 Adar as a fast day
because "Besi Hillel and Beis Shammai had a machlokess on that day," it
does not say the piece about the Golden Calf. On the other hand, Teshuvas
HaGeonim (Harkavey) #250 does.

One may even argue that the fast was on account of the humiliation of Beis
Hillel regarding that particular machlokess, and not because of the
existence of machlokess per se.

Nevertheless, other citations I bring still support the thesis that the
existence of lasting machlokess was considered undesirable, and other
sources can be added.

I am eager to send updates of corrections and comments to anyone who would
send me his email address.

Zvi Lampel at gmail dot com.
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