[Avodah] Halakha Approaches the COVID-19 Vaccine

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Halakha Approaches the COVID-19 Vaccine – Tradition Online<https://traditiononline.org/halakha-approaches-the-covid-19-vaccine/#easy-footnote-24-13392>
Halakha Approaches the COVID-19 VaccineSharon Galper Grossman & Shamai GrossmanRachel tried to reason with the clerk at the check-in counter. She explained that she had delayed vaccinating herself and her children because she did not want to be the first to receive a new vaccine, especiall


Halakha permits, encourages, and likely even obligates Rachel to get a COVID-19 vaccination for herself and her children in order to protect herself and others from infection, help create herd immunity, and end the pandemic. Similarly, schools and communities should require a COVID-19 vaccination despite parents’ reluctance. We believe that failure to vaccinate violates the prohibition to stand idly by another’s blood.

We hope that a safe and effective vaccine will be developed and disseminated in the very near future. It is our best hope to alleviate the worldwide suffering and to arrest the horrific death toll brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. When it does arrive, we feel that it is morally obligatory and halakhically mandated that people accept the vaccine.

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