[Avodah] It's 10PM

Rich, Joel JRich at Segalco.com
Mon Oct 12 03:23:22 PDT 2020

> You are presuming that he did NOT know the impact of his psak. I suspect
> that he was aware. After all, the teshuva you cited was dated Elul 5720
> (1959); he had several decades afterward during which he could have
> retracted his words or clarified them.

> Second: What do you think he might have said differently? Look at the
> part you quoted. He can't get much clearer than that. If you are upset
> about the popularity of "10 pm slichot in the MO community", I don't
> think any of the blame can be put on Rav Moshe. Rather, there must be
> other poskim that people are relying on. (Anyone know who?)

> Akiva

You are correct -- I don't know for a fact whether he was aware of
the likelihood of this result. I'm not sure the lack of retraction
is significant.
I wonder how it actually worked when chazal made a takana and The
tzibbur Could not (would not?) carry it out (Even though chazal Thought
they would)

I certainly don't want to give the impression that I was blaming Rav
Moshe, My assumption is that the feeling is better that they say it at
all rather than not say it. I'm also not sure what the relative weights
that are given to the pros and cons are fully understood by the populace.

Joel rich

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