[Avodah] why did Chazal cancel shiva bc of Yom tov

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Tue Jul 28 19:19:28 PDT 2020

Many have recently written how they have missed the full traditional
comforting process of shiva due to corona restrictions.

That has reawakened in me the question of why did Chazal cancel shiva
because of Yom tov?
If the catharsis and process of shiva is so comforting and desirable for
mourners, why did they take that away because of YT and not simply postpone
till after YT.
It's hard to say that after YT the shiva experience w be no longer necessary
or needed.

I saw someone suggest that "The souls of those who passed away now with
abbreviated burials and shivas were so pure they ascended directly to heaven
and did not require traditional mourning rituals."

That is hard to hear because shiva (and YT cancelling shiva) is a rabbinic


Mordechai Cohen 
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