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A couple of points relevant to the 'big 3'. Firstly, as has been noted, they are not the only situations of yeihareig v'al yaavor. In addition to the situation of sha'as ha'shmad, the yerushalmi notes that mitzvos bein adam l'chaveiro are also YVAY. Like theft. And I believe we pasken that way.
BUT that's not to diminish their uniqueness as YVAY mitzvos. They are mentioned in targum yonasan as a discrete set of YVAY mitzvos, I noticed in the last couple of weeks while doing chad targum. Although I couldn't find it again when I looked. That does mean the derivation in the Bavli is way after the din was already known, by a few hundred years at the least. And points to a much more them being a much more fundamental set of 3 with an early origin in halacha.
In response to RZS's point about there being no obvious connection between them, that may well be exactly because they represent the extremes of three different branches of avoda, per the Maharal, and their only connection being that they are all archetypes.

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