[Avodah] Change of Shluchei Tzibur during Pezukai D'Zimrah

Danny Schoemann doniels at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 05:41:45 PDT 2020

> This reminds me of a question which would apply to almost every day when
> we change the Sha'tz before Yishtabach. Isn't Pezukai d'zimrah framed
> by Boruch She'amar as the beginning bracha and the end of Yishtabach as
> the closing bracha, and if correct (and I may not be), should not the
> same Sha'tz conclude what he started?

I always understood the Shat"z to more of a "concept" than a person.

E.g.: We learned in a Mishna in Brachos that if the Shat"z cannot
continue, a substitute continues where he left off.

More common: Aveilim often switch Shat"z at Ashrei - the 2nd one
saying Kadish Tiskabal (may our prayers be accepted) even though the
first one said the actual Amida that this is going on.

In  your case, both congregants will be saying both opening and
closing Brachot - so I'm not even sure what you're asking.

Kol Tuv

- Danny

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