[Avodah] Induction stovetop halachic status

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On Thu, Jul 02, 2020 at 01:43:44PM +0300, Simon Montagu via Avodah wrote:
> > But the Ramo, 113:13, explicitly says that only cooking on fire was
> > forbidden....
> > exist.  Someone should inform this restaurateur, and/or the Rabbanut.
> I don't think this is what the Ramo means. The context is that smoking and
> pickling are not considered BA, and I think when he says "bishul shel esh"
> it includes any form of cooking by heat...

Or, any form of cooking by fire, whether broiling, roasting or boiling
or frying in water or oil that are heated by fire. For an example that
predates the taqaah, solar cooking. Does a rishon deal with the question
of eating an egg cooked in the sand that was placed there by a non-Jew?

And, as I opened in my first response, it's not just the Rama; "al
ha'eish" and variants are common in the discussion. I don't think it's
an Ashkenazi thing, just because the SA doesn't use the idiom himself.

> That said, I really don't understand why BA is an issue at all in a
> Jewish-owned restaurant with kosher supervision. None of the reasons for
> the gezeira seem to apply....

The reason for the gezeira against playing music on Shabbos doesn't
apply to pianos, but the gezeira does. In theory, the same is true for
refu'ah beShabbos.

Both of the points you make revolve around deciding the limits of the
gezeira by its function. But it could be chazal, regardless of their
motive, framed the law to only include cooking via fire and all cooking
via fire.

Tir'u baTov!

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