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R”n Chana Luntzs point reminds me of what Dr. Chaim Soloveitchik wrote
about derech hapsak in a footnote in Rupture and Reconstruction

Rupture and Reconstruction footnote 20 - The crux of the Gaon’s approach
both to Torah study and pesak was its independence of precedent. A problem
was to be approached in terms of the text of the Talmud as mediated by the
rishonim (and in the Gaon’s case even that mediation was occasionally
dispensed with). What subsequent commentators had to say about this issue,
was, with few exceptions (e.g. Magen Avraham, Shakh), irrelevant. This
approach is writ large on every page of the Biur ha-Gra, further embodied
in the Hayyei Adam and the Arukh ha-Shulhan, and has continued on to our
day in the works of such Lithuanian posekim, as the Hazon Ish and R. Mosheh
Feinstein. The Mishnah Berurah rejects de facto this approach and returns
to the world of precedent and string citation. Decisions are arrived at
only after elaborate calibration of and negotiation with multiple
“aharonic” positions

I think this issue of porch minyanim is a good example of the 2 approaches
mentioned above by Dr. Grach. The MB goes with his approach of precedent
etc. and therefore would allow porch minyanim based on the the precedent of
the Pri Megadim etc. while the Gra and his ideological descendants like the
Aruch Hashulchan simply reject the Rashba.
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