[Avodah] Mistaken minchagim....

Martin Brody martinlbrody at gmail.com
Sat Feb 8 21:49:16 PST 2020

Don't know if it's the earliest, it's certainly very old and Chazal,
to Rambam rejected it. But most of y'all will be doing it next
Shabbat. That is, standing for the 10 Commandments.
Martin Brody

"Does anyone know the earliest example of minhagim which are incorrect but
the Rabbis were unable to stop them?
Perhaps the best example of such a Minhag is Talking During Davenning.
Should this minhag continue since "obviously" earlier Rabbis approved them
and the communities were all holy?
But to be serious, I believe RaMBaM did his best to cancel the repetition
of the ShE by the Chazan - but he should have known better - one NEVER wins
an argument with a Chazze
Meir G. Rabi

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