[Avodah] Mistaken Minhagim - Talking During Tefillah, That Cannot be Stopped

Rabbi Meir G. Rabi meirabi at gmail.com
Sat Feb 8 17:37:26 PST 2020

R Zev Message-ID: <f4ad575c-5b94-e965-db17-da9957eab93d at sero.name>

suggested that RaMBaM, at least within his area of influence, succeeded in
cancelling the Chazoras HaShaTz, and we assume also thereby reduced the
talking during Tefillah.

However, during the Radvaz's times, Ch HaShaTz was reintroduced
which only reinforces the notion that Mistaken Minhagim, even if they can
be temporarily abated, cannot be stopped


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