[Avodah] Is Thursday Night Chulent Permissible?

Micha Berger micha at aishdas.org
Mon Dec 2 23:35:43 PST 2019

I would strongly dis-recommend chulent before Shabbos lunch. (Be glad
I am not yours or anyone's poseiq.) Here is my argument against.

The Shabbos daytime meal is supposed to be more important than Friday
night's meal. One is supposed to save their favorite dishes for lunch. The
gemara even mentions chamin as one such food that should be saved!

So what is Thu or Fri night chulent?

It is taking a food invented for the purpose of contributing to making
Shabbos lunch the high point of the week's food and being too impatient
to get one's treat to show proper kevod Shabbos.

Rashi (Gittin 38b) says that people who make Fri night the greater meal
should fear punishment!

See also AhS OC 271:9, who finds what he calls a "limmud zekhus" for
people who serve their most special foods Fri night -- many of them
aren't as enjoyable the next morning. But he says this is why we have
kugel and chulent, foods that can remain on the fire all night.

After seeing what is said about not saving special food for Shabbos
lunch, and chulent is designed to be that special food, and having it
Friday night, al achas kamah vekamah serving it before Shabbos altogether!

Tir'u baTov!

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