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R' Allan Engel wrote:

> The paradigm that allowed new derashos on pesukim (until 'sof mishna' -
> presumably the end of the era of Tannaim) explicitly allows for changes in
> halachic practice on the basis of new derashos.

R' Micha Berger responded:

> And contrary to RAM's recollection -- one of them is Moavi velo Moavis.
> Rus Rabba (parasha 2:9[4], 7:7[1], 7:10[5]) attributed to Ploni Almoni
> in Meg' Rus a lack of belief in the brand-new derashah. And besides, what
> will happen to my descendents if a later Sanhedrin pasqens differently?
> I think the medrash also uses the idea to explain that Rus did indeed
> convert twice -- once before the derashah, and once after.

Thank you. I accept the correction. Halacha can indeed change, if one's
proofs are strong enough, like in this case.

But exactly what halacha(s) would that drasha have related to?

My understanding is that "Moavi velo Moavis" concerns the halachos of who a
Moabite Jew is allowed to marry; is this person restricted like a mamzer or

If you understand "the derashah" to explain a second conversion, then it
must be that prior to the derashah, Moabites were not allowed to convert at
all, but after the derashah, female Moabites were now allowed to convert.
If so, then Rus converted illegally at the beginning of the story (I don't
know whether or not that would have been valid b'dieved or not), and then
converted k'halacha after the derasha. Is that what you're saying?

Akiva Miller
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