[Avodah] How to Avoid a Chilul HaSheim

Rich, Joel JRich at sibson.com
Fri Mar 15 04:53:50 PDT 2019

> If we make the need to be considerate to others about chillul hasheim,
> we aren't teating people to develop consideration for other people.
> But that is a primary value in-and-of-itself, and arguably the highest
> primary value, ask Rabbi Aqiva about klal gadol. If not "derekh eretz
> qodmah le...Torah" would still say it's the value we have to worry about
> it first.

> Second, I don't think it can work. If we don't teach people the importance
> of consideration in-and-of itself, there is insufficient motive to pay
> attention to and hone the appropriate middos. That's just the side-issue,
> not the real problem. Allegedly.

I agree with you and would just add it's sad that 95% of this even has
to be said.

Joel rich

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