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On Mon, Jan 7, 2019, 23:22 Micha Berger <micha at aishdas.org wrote:
> So, going by what the gemara and Tosefta actually say, let's go back to
> your question with typoes corrected.
>: Hence, the conlcusion of the sugya, citing the disagreement between Rabba
>: and Rava, seems to indicate that the correct interpretation is according to
>: Rabbi [Meir].
> ... which is how the Rambam pasqens. So what's the question?

Rabbi Meir and Rabbi Yehudah both agree that there is a disagreement; they
disagree about what the disagreement is about.

My problem is that through the disagreement between Rabba and Rava, we get
a sense that the Gemara rules like Rabbi Yehudah; otherwise the Gemara's
interpretation of their disagreement makes little sense.

Which either means that the Gemara contradicts the later ruling of Rambam,
or that the Gemara is difficult, or that I missed some nuance.

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