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Mon Jul 9 23:58:32 PDT 2018

RETurkel wrote:
> According to some poskim in a halakhic state much of the country (police,
> army, hospitals, ports etc) would be run by nonJews to avoid many
> halakhic problems; This would be preferable to technological answers (ie
> Tzomet institute) since these frequently involve some controversial psak.

I once went to a symposium on medicine and halacha at Shaarei Zedek
hospital and heard R. Asher Weiss, one of the greatest experts on the
subject, state definitively that in a hospital framework, the best halachic
solution for activities that must be done on Shabbat, but are not directly
life-saving, is work by a non-Jew. OTOH, I personally heard Rav Yigal
Shafran, another of the most prominent authorities on the subject (and one
of the most outstanding students of R. Tzvi Yehuda Kook), express grave
reservations about this position (implying that technological solutions may
be halachically preferable). (Nevertheless, these two great halachic
authorities work in cooperation in several areas relating to medicine and
halacha.)   It looks like this is a halachic question which will not be
resolved decisively in the foreseeable future.

Saul Mashbaum
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