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Mon Jul 9 01:50:39 PDT 2018

[Another Areivim discussion that really belongs here. -micha]

An interesting question is what would happen if a majority of the state of
Israel were religious but there is a sizable minority of non-religious. The
rule seems to be that if 49% of the representatives are religious they
should be entitled to 49% of the budget for local services. If 51% are
religious then the religious basically get 100% since they can't vote to
give any services to the 49% nonreligious that violate any halacha (so 100%
is a little exaggeration since some services would not violate shabbat etc.=

Two recent stories

In kiryat Arba 75% are religious. The local council set up times for
separate and mixed swimming in the municipal pool. The local rabbanim
paskened they the council cannot allow mixed swimming for the chilonim. The
council ignored them and so the rabbis demanded that everyone give up their
membership in the pool. 250 families gave up their membership which meant
the pool was no longer economic and so the pool closed.

Litzman (charedi party) as (under) minister of health is by law in charge
of a committee on abortions. So he delegated his authority to an assistant.

According to some poskim in a halakhic state much of the country (police,
army, hospitals, ports etc) would be run by nonJews to avoid many
halakhic problems; This would be preferable to technological answers (ie
Tzomet institute) since these frequently involve some controversial psak.
This explains the old charedi attack on tzomet

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