[Avodah] Meat in the Midbar and Korbon Shelamim

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Tue May 15 05:11:46 PDT 2018

R' Issac Balbin wrote:
" suggest looking at the Sefer Hamitzvos of the Rambam, Mitzvah Lamed Daled
where he describes that though the Mitzvah of was on the Cohanim to carry
the Aron on their shoulders (Naso 7), the command was fulfilled by the
Leviim, because there weren't enough Cohanim, however, in the future it
would only be done by Cohanim."

There is a fundamental difference between carrying the aron and the avoda
in the mishkan. The Rambam writes explicitly there in the sefer hamitzvos
that the mitzva of carrying the aron, was given to the leviim in the midbar
"v'af al pi shezeh hatzivuy ba laleviim baet hahe". We do not find any such
commandment in the Torah regarding avoda in the mishkan. The Torah ONLY
commands/allows Aharon and his sons to do Avoda in the mishkan. Therefore
there is no room to say that leviim did avoda in the mishkan in the midbar.
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