[Avodah] Meat in the Midbar and Korbon Shelamim

Isaac Balbin isaac at balb.in
Thu May 10 21:23:47 PDT 2018

R' Eli Turkel asked:

During most of the years in the desert there were only 3 cohanim. However,
> from most sacrifices a portion is given to a cohen. This is most difficult
> for shelamim. During the years in the desert anyone who wanted to eat meat
> had to bring the animal as a sacrifice of which a portion was given to the
> cohen. How could 3 cohanim eat all these portions from 600,000+ families of
> whom if only a tiny fraction ate meat (in addition to the man) would result
> in hundreds

I suggest looking at the Sefer Hamitzvos of the Rambam, Mitzvah Lamed Daled
where he describes that though the Mitzvah of was on the Cohanim to carry
the Aron on their shoulders (Naso 7), the command was fulfilled by the
Leviim, because there weren't enough Cohanim, however, in the future it
would only be done by Cohanim.

[The Ramban in the 3rd Shoresh there isn't happy with this]
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