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Fri Mar 16 02:10:55 PDT 2018

On Thu, Mar 15, 2018 at 12:49 PM, Micha Berger wrote:

> I used to think that "chanokh lenaar al pi darko" referred to students
> having different learning styles. However, ont of the chevrah pointed
> out that that doesn't fit the seifa of the pasuq (Mishlei 22:6):
> "... qam ki yazqin, lo yasur mimenahh" (mapiq hei). So, this "derekh"
> is something we don't want this person to leave even when they get 
> old.
> Which is something other than the personal way they need to be 
> established
> (/ch-n-kh/) to begin with. Important point, but not our pasuq's.
> It seems the pasuq is saying that your child should be taught on 
> approach
> to Torah that works for them, EVEN IF IT IS NOT YOURS. Our goal in 
> chinukh
> should be to produce ovedei Hashem, regardless of which O submovement
> they will end up gravitating toward.
 Please see RSRH's essay Chanoch L'na'ar Al Pi Darko  (Collected 
Writings VII) 
at https://web.stevens.edu/golem/llevine/rsrh/chanoch_l_naar_al_pi_darco.pdf 


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