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: In an article reviewing this shmitta, Rav Melamed threw in monkey
: wrench that I had never heard before. In calculating the numbers of
: Jews, the true number (at least as far as shmitta goes) includes all
: those people who are Jewish through maternal descent. Therefore the
: number of Jews is much higher than we believe it to be.
: In  RM's opinion, shmitta won't be d'Orayata again until the Messiah comes.

Also, the machloqes Rashi and Tosafos as to whether "kol yosheveha aleha"
is by sheivet.

I don't know what Tosafos do with the machloqes (Sanhedring 110b) about
whether the lost shevatim will ever be restored. If they hold like R'
Aqiva, this would have to refer to the descendents of those refugees from
Malkhus Yisrael who fled to Malkhus Yehudah. Or, is that in itself enough
reestablishment of the shevatim to contradict R' Aqiva? The masqanah of
the gemara appears to be Rabba bb Chana (citing R' Yochanan) refuting
R' Aqiva's position in favor of R' Eliezer -- that the missing shevatim
will be restored (quoting Yirmiyahu 3:!2). Maybe they just consider the
question closed.

The gemara assumes that yovel de'oraisa ended when the 2-1/2 shevatim were
exiled from their land be'ever hanahar. Which is a bit of a question on
Rashi. The loss of the lands there did not mean the exile of the majority
of Benei Yisrael.


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