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On 08/28/2015 02:40 PM, saul newman via Avodah wrote:
> if there is a general assumption that one  eats in another shomer
> shabbos' house without  going thru their pantry,  does the same hold
> in a shmitta year in israel where there are also multiple minhagim ?

Lich'ora, since there is no consensus about shmita standards among
shomrei shabbos, one who has a stricter practise can't assume that
a randomly selected shomer shabbos is at least as strict as his.
Therefore, without ascertaining this he can't eat those things which
(according to his practise) are subject to shmita, but can eat those
things which are not.  Most importantly, though, he *can* eat from
the other person's kelim, even if he *knows* that his shmita practices
are more lenient than his own; for this purpose he can rely on "stam
keilim einam benei yoman", even though normally one may only rely on
this bediavad.    This is the famous kula of "keilim divnei rhenus".

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