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: I think that you are making a moving target, one rationale knocked down
: and another rationale surfaces...

You gave two counterarguments:

1- Ashkenazi mimeticism

2- A list of sources that appear to be predominantly if not entirely

I therefore gave a teo part reply:

1- Ashk mimeticism was consistently gainst rabbinic will. Even the AhS
who weighs halakhah-as-practiced as a major factor in pesaq laments the
ubiquitous sin of neglecting this din.

He also says it's not ervah.

So, the sole person who does spell out Ashk position gives me no reason
to equate either (1a) ubiquity nor (1b) a textual statement ruling out
ervah with permissability.

2- Those sources are not only Seph, but are possibly dechuyos in their
community as well.

But at the end of the day, I did write:
:> But you took on a comparatively easier task -- that the shitah exists. And
:> two Sepharadi citations should be sufficient.

(And I still find it ironic that someone making a mimetic argument about
hair covering wants to also change the role of women by looking at
tets to the exclusion of 3-1/3 millenia of common practice.)

Tir'u baTov!

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