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There is a disagreement between Rashi/Rambam and R Tam whether one says one
or two brachot on tefillin of the arm and head. While sefardim follow SA
and say one bracha ashkenazim follow R Tam and say 2 brachot bur add
"baruch shem kvod ..." to avoid a bracha le-vatala

I have 2 things I don't understand about the ashkenazi minhag

1) The usual rule is "safek bracha le-kula" and so when in doubt don't say
a bracha

2) How does saying "barch shem" help ? We have many disagreements about
For example ashkenazim (again following R Tam) say brachot on customs, eg
half hallel.
We don't add "baruch shem ..." in these cases. Why only in tefillin?

Furthermore whenever there is a doubt about a bracha (classical case is if
one forgot to count the omer at night and remembered during the day) why do
the act without a bracha - why not say the bracha and add "baruch shem"

Eli Turkel
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