[Avodah] sources for not covering hair

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Tue Aug 11 16:00:17 PDT 2015

R' Noam Stadlan wrote:

<<< Of course there are baseline standards of tzniut for Jew, men and
women, that are independent of surrounding culture.  But hair covering is
not one of them. ... I would note that the vast majority of shittot do not
require single women to cover their hair. >>>

I both agree and disagree.

Hair covering is NOT a "baseline standard", in the sense that it applies
only to married women and not to single girls.

But hair covering IS a baseline standard for Jewish women, in the sense
that it remains in force independent of the surrounding culture.

Thus, we have at least three different standards: males, married females,
single females. And actually, we have several more than that, if we
distinguish among various ages of boy and girl children, not to mention

Akiva Miller
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