[Avodah] Mesora only through Rashi

Micha Berger via Avodah avodah at lists.aishdas.org
Tue Jul 28 10:45:53 PDT 2015

I just posted:
:                                     However, the loss of a codifier who
: stands alone, like the Rambam, is less critical to the survival of
: mesorah than the parshanim. Rambam added a lot to our mesorah. But
: Rashi and Tosafos made it possible for later generations to continue
: understanding the gemara.

I meant to add a different (and to my mind very important) way of looking
at this idea:

In terms of mesorah, a flow of TSBP as a "dialog down the ages" (to
use RYBS's terminlogy), the parshan keeps the chain connected down the
ages in a way that a Yad, designed to be stand-alone, does not.

Tir'u baTov!

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